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Participatory Painting: Clouds


Feeling stormy? CLOUDY SKIES invites artists & community members to participate in a large-scale group painting of our uncertain and ever changing skies. 

Bring any paint you have, or make do with the random colors and amounts of paint here. Acrylic house paint, acrylics, tempera or other water-based paints, inks, artist's oil paint, paint sticks, paint markers etc.. 

*aerosol (because of lack of indoor ventilation ok at the end, before we leave if all members agree, or have masks) 

An iPad will be available for participants to draw a CLOUDY SKY to be used in a Public Art Digital Video Projection for exhibition this Summer at the CALL for Submissions - Art Summit 2017: Water, Air, Fire, Earth. This is the first kick-off project in a series of Participatory Painting Projects through 2017-18. 

All are welcome to participate. This is a free event. Not funded by any organizations or grants, your donations help purchase more paint and refreshments. Thanks for helping make Better World Museum, and programs like this, sustainable.