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ART OPENING: Support Structures

"Support Structures" shares examples of Artists using Installation, Painting, Furniture Design, and VR/Digital Video, which conduct empathetic, and fun, new relationships fostering trust building. This exhibit explores vulnerability, risk, and freedom by challenging physical, emotional, political and social conventions. These Emerging Artists ask us to confront where one stands, while creating opportunities to sit better together. 

“支持结构”分享艺术家运用装置艺术,绘画,家具设计和VR /数字视频的例子,来传达共情的,有趣的新关系,促进信任的建立。这个展览通过挑战身体,情绪,政治和社会习俗来探索脆弱,风险和自由。这些新兴艺术家要求大众表达自己的立场,同时创造更好地坐在一起的机会。


"It Takes Two", Zoe Cinel & Frankie José Skar, 2017

“两”,Zoe Cinel &  Frankie José Skar, 2017

"For Better or Worse", Eva Ngono, 2018

 “更好还是更坏”, Eva Ngono, 2018

New Paintings & VR Projections, Raquel Wins, 2018 

新绘画 & 虚拟现实投影,Raquel Wins, 2018

“POSTURES”, Frankie Bingxin Yu, 2018

“姿势”,余冰鑫, 2018


We are honored to have Monica Montgomery Nyathi, Founing Director of Museum of Impact, Co-Founder of Museum Hue _ Colorful. Cultured. Cool, TEDx Talk Presenter, and Professor, who will offer an Opening Statement on the importance of supporting young Female and Diverse Artists in local and global communities. Watch the full TED Talk here:

我们很荣幸邀请到Monica Montgomery Nyathi, Museum of Impact 创始总监,Museum Hue, Colorful, Cultured Cool 创始人之一,TEDx Talk 演讲嘉宾,和教授。

她将发表关于在当地和全球社区支持年轻女性和多元化艺术家的重要性的开幕声明。在此处观看完整的TEDx Talk:

9:30pm Participatory Performance lead by Tera Kilbride. In responce to "It Takes Two" and "Postures", Tera will invite participants to flow together with movements that build a better understanding of our selves and partners. 

9:30pm由Tera Kilbride主持参与表演,来回应“两”和“姿势”,Tera将邀请参与者互动,以更好地了解我们自己和他人。

"Empathy & Scale" Finger Skating by Skateboarder-in-Residence Max Kollman. Max helps dissolve traditional barriers, and create inclusive and fun new relationships. Max is part of our Rainbow Bridge Program at Better World Museum.

“移情与尺度” 手指滑板,Max Kollman。Max致力于消除传统障碍,并创造包容和有趣的新关系, 他也是Better World Museum彩虹桥项目的一部分。

This exhibit also includes "Common Urban Edible Plants" VR Remix Projections of local urban edible plants recently projected on the ceiling of the downtown library at Northern Spark by local Digital Artists: Hattie Ball, Kat Moon, Madeline Hendricks, and Brian Skalak.

此次展览还包括“城市食用植物”VR Remix项目。这个项目最近刚刚在市中心图书馆天花板完成投影,参与的艺术家有:Hattie Ball, Kat Moon, Madeline Hendricks, and Brian Skalak。

*This exhibit is free, inclusive, & diverse! 



Better World Museum is 90% Women, POC, GLBTQA+, Indigenous, Immigrant, Disabled, and Youth. We only show work about Diversity, Inclusion, Empathy, Climate Justice, and Wellness. Participate in this site for social action:

更好的世界博物馆90%由女性,POC,GLBTQA +,土着,移民,残疾人和青年组成。我们只展示关于多元化,包容性,共情,正义和健康的作品。





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