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Urban Edible Plant Walk: NYC

Urban Edibles Walking Tour. Brooklyn, New York

Join us Saturday, September 29 11am-1pm for an Urban Edibles Walking Tour with Paige Dansinger.

As we walk though Williamsburg, we will look at the surrounding edible nature the we overlook everyday. Learn what plants you may include in your salads, stir-fries, and culinary delights — as well as, identify plants you would use in emergency or for survival purposes. Understanding how to identify and use edible and medicinal plants that grow in our immediate environments, between sidewalk cracks, planted in boulevards and planters, near libraries, schools, parks and public spaces will empower people, break dependency on industrial agriculture, open dialogue about urban hunger, offer a new relationship with the flora in NYC, — and create the opportunity to be the most fascinating person at the next dinner party!

We will be idenitfying and geo-tagging plants with iNaturalist. Please download this free smartphone app:
*This is an optional activity.

The Urban Edible Plant Walk is a free public event. 
Meet at the Rotunda Gallery
Williamsburg Library
240 Division Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Please register:

Urban Edible Plant Walk is part of Impetus! Choice Points > Change Exhibit Opening, Curated by Monica Montgomery Nyathi in partnership with The Human Impacts Institute. Paige Dansinger, exhibiting Arist in Impetus! and Urban Edible Plant Walk, is founding director of Better World Museum. Paige has been an edible plant entusiast for over 20 years.

Impetus! Art Exhibit
AR Bindweed, Impetus!, 2018. Brooklyn Library, Williamsburg, NY.

AR Bindweed, Impetus!, 2018. Brooklyn Library, Williamsburg, NY.

AR Opium Poppy, Impetus!, 2018.

AR Opium Poppy, Impetus!, 2018.

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