AR Flower Patches at Teen Tech Center

Teen Flower Patch Program

The goal of the Flower Patch Program is that teens will connect more to each other and grow stronger together - their drawings and music beats will pair up and become a support network through art, music, and social media. Creating a root-network and social survival bio-culture.. It is restorative justice, place-making, and decolonization of our urban spaces, libraries, museums, streets, museums, and fashion.

The concept is that teens will draw a flower, and/or create a 30 second sound loop and upload it into an open source data base, or pick from other uploaded ones created by teens, and embroider an AR/VR patch in 15-20 minutes.

AR in Action!

AR Flower Patches on Sweatshirt - App created with Unity + Vuforia

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Raquie, member of Best Buy Teen Tech Center snaps her VR Urban Edible Plants at Northern Spark 2018

Teen Tech Member in Group Exhibition: Support Structures

I've been mentoring Raquel from the Teen Tech Tenter in VR. Raqui contributed to "Urban Edible Plants" at the Northern Spark Art Festival, and Better World Museum's exhibiton "Support Structures". Here she uses Tilt Brush with Oculus Rift and PaintVR in Oculus Go.

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