Community Building with Virtual Reality

Community Building with Virtual Reality

Presented at TEDxMinneapolis (2017), Performed live at Jump Into VR Fest (NYC), Budman Studios (Venice, CA), and by people around the globe, create a Community Garden in Virtual Reality. Learn to draw using Oculus Rift with Tilt Brush. Learn to work as a group to use new technology, experiment with brushes, colors, and sound reactive elements to create a digital work of art. Recieve a 360 video for the entire office to view on YouTube. Go inside your VR Garden to discover team strenghts, experience free-flow improvisational drawing, and apply techniques in community building.

Workshop Benefits Include

  • Creating Virtual Reality Content
  • Experiencing New Technolgy
  • Participating in Innovation
  • Inclusive Community Building Techniques

Groups of 5-20 people, 90 mins. $400.00

Please email to schedule your group workshop: