Creative Risk-Taking for Leaders

Creative Risk-Taking for Leaders

The most successful leaders today create teams that support risk-taking. Creative workshops allow a safe space for risk and failure. You will bring new techniques back to the Board Room and Clients that are founded on new risks, rewards, and confidence to fail-forward towards your biggest goals. Experience intentional posture and create small group intamacy in Empathy Chairs, Movement based performance with group and partners, Create a Virtual Reality Forest to navigate new ground. 

Benifits of Workshop Include

  • Practice Creative Risks 
  • Perform New Forms of Agile Postures
  • Create Support Structures for Future Leaders
  • Fail Forward To Success

Empathy Chairs, "It Takes Two" by Zoe Cinel and Frankie Jose Skar, and POSTURES by Frankie Yu, create an experience & sensation of vulnerbility, risk, support, trust, and ultimately relaxation


Groups of 5-20 people, 90 mins. $400.00

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